Gardens in Motion

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

I am Sofie Hoste, extending a warm welcome to Tuinen in Beweging! 

My passion for harmonious and ecological gardens knows no bounds...I aim to inspire you to craft your garden yourself through the online garden design course offered by Tuinen in Beweging! Become your own designer and fashion a garden brimming with life, inspiration, and relaxation. Drawing from my extensive experience, I will lead you towards creating a beautiful green garden gem that will bring you immense joy... Interested in having me design your garden? Certainly! I collaborate with top-tier garden contractors for construction and maintenance. Our team of specialists is poised for comprehensive projects.

  • Inspiration session Create your garden in motion - October 4, 2023 - 7 p.m

    On Wednesday evening, October 4, you will find out how to get your garden moving... and how to get moving yourself! Sofie explains how you can shape your own garden according to your rhythm and feeling. With a heart for nature. We wish you a warm welcome!

  • Design your own garden? You can enroll NOW in the Garden Design Course

    The Online Garden Design Atelier is tailored for individuals interested in designing their own gardens. In just two months, you'll have your garden plan ready, but the rewards extend beyond that! This atelier is designed for those willing and able to dedicate time to their garden creation. Tuinen in Beweging has meticulously crafted an eight-step approach to guide you through the process of creating a feasible garden plan.

A new garden is a new beginning


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